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I am dedicated to helping children grow and develop through art education! I have been teaching art for 25 years.I earned my B.S. in Art Education from Kansas State University, my M.F.A. in Art Education from Wichita State University, and my ESOL endorsement through Newman University.

I believe that every child can learn, and that a well-rounded education is critical to children reaching their fullest potential. Children will work on developing their problem solving skills and practice using a variety of media approaches in art class this year. Arts education benefits the student because it cultivates the whole child, gradually building many kinds of literacy while developing intuition, reasoning, imagination, and dexterity into unique forms of expression and communication. This process requires not merely an active mind but a trained one. An education in the arts benefits society because students of the arts gain powerful tools for understanding human experiences, both past and present. They learn to respect the often very different ways others have of thinking, working, and expressing themselves. They learn to make decisions in situations where there are no standard answers. By studying the arts, students stimulate their natural creativity and learn to develop it to meet the needs of a complex and competitive society. And, as study and competence in the arts reinforce one other, the joy of learning becomes real, tangible, and powerful.
Kindergarten through 5th graders at Kensler come to art class for one 45 minute period, one time a week. Their art day is the same day, every week  Although art is a healthy hobby, it can be messy. Your child is encouraged to wear appropriate clothing on their art day. Art smocks are available for your child to wear in the art room.

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     Here you will find the art SCHEDULE, art GRADES info., local art LINKS, and art ACTIVITIES calendar.
     Most 1st - 5th grade art work may be viewed on artsonia.com, the world's largest student art museum. 
          For more artsonia.com information, please feel free to visit with me at school.
     "Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep." -- Scott Adams

I look forward to experiencing creativity and art with Kensler students!

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